Marston-Finn Conservation Dam is complete!

On September 21, 2020, the New Hampshire Dam Bureau approved the Marston-Finn Conservation Dam to begin holding water, and on September 25, the George Cairns and Sons crew took the momentous step of removing the sandbags comprising the coffer dam. Ten years in the making, water was once again able to re-establish the wildlife haven of Moeckel Pond. With the help of some much needed rain the pond quickly began to fill and by October 23 water was flowing over the dam. Dozens of ducks returned within days to enjoy the new pond.

Please visit the Friends of Moeckel Pond Facebook page for all the details, photos, and videos!

2 thoughts on “Marston-Finn Conservation Dam is complete!

  1. Is there public access to the new pond? I don’t want to trespass on anyone’s property. My son and i would like to fish here sometime, we are just a couple streets over.


  2. Hi Mike,

    Yes there is public access and off-street parking off Bayleaf Way, Pelham. The dirt road will take you down to the old washed out bridge area and the parking lot will be on the right hand side. We are still working on signage so the old Road Closed sign is still up. The road is still closed at the bridge.

    Next spring we will have a dock for launching non-motorized boats and a small fishing platform but for now you can fish off the shoreline or launch a boat on the the right side of the dam. It is a little rocky there but people have put-in and out at that location. You may know this already but there is an outcrop of rocks under the water upstream from the safety boom accessible by boat. Could be a good fishing location.

    Please don’t fish off the dam structure itself.

    Let us know if you need anymore info. We are open to the public but all the amenities are not in yet.

    Take some pictures for us and put the up on our Facebook page!

    Dianna Fallon
    Friends of Moeckel Pond


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