Are you in the Moeckel Pond Watershed?

The map shown here comes from the 2010 State of NH Watershed Report card for the Golden Brook Watershed. Golden Brook is the primary source of water for Moeckel Pond. Other sources include the overflow from Rock Pond and the runoff from the surrounding elevations.  The Golden Brook Watershed includes a large part of Windham, bounded roughly by the hills to the west of the high school, the hills to the east of Range Road, and Londonderry Road and Route 93 to the north.  The map shows the watershed in white with the major brooks connecting the ponds in town.  Much of the runoff flows first into Cobbett’s Pond, and then through the outflow of the Cobbett’s Pond Dam to Golden Brook. The general flow from this watershed is from north to south with Moeckel Pond acting as a giant catch basin to channel water into the southern length of Golden Brook as it flows through the Town of Pelham.

Interesting fact: 43% of Windham water runoff flows into Moeckel Pond!  Only 10% comes through Cobbett’s Dam into Golden Brook.

Today the dam at Moeckel Pond is in need of vital repair.  As we strive to repair Moeckel Dam and restore Moeckel Pond as a conservation and recreation resource for the people of Windham, you can help. “Many hands make light work”, and your donations and support can help make this effort successful.