We are the Friends of Moeckel Pond

We thank you for your help to restore and permanently protect 40 acres of wetlands, and provide public access for passive water recreation!

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Marston-Finn Conservation Dam is complete!!

How to Access Moeckel Pond

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Moeckel Pond was created in 1778 by a dam that was the foundation of Simpson Mill. For over 200 years the pond as been source of food and rest for migrating waterfowl, and a supply of water for the abundant wildlife in the surrounding woods.  It also helped restore clean water to the aquifer used by people.

In 2010, damage to Moeckel Dam forced the once vibrant pond to be drained, leaving a dry lifeless bed of weeds. Waterfowl lost their feeding grounds, silt washes downstream, fish and turtles are gone.  There is no water for fire protection, and a beautiful New Hampshire pond is lost.

2020: After a decade of research, planning, community support, hard work, tremendous persistence, and an amazing construction crew, the Marston-Finn Conservation dam has been completed!  On September 21, 2020, the New Hampshire Dam Bureau approved the Marston-Finn Conservation Dam to begin holding water, and on September 25, the George Cairns and Sons crew took the momentous step of removing the sandbags comprising the coffer dam. Ten years in the making, water was once again able to re-establish the wildlife haven of Moeckel Pond. With the help of some much needed rain the pond quickly began to fill and by October 23 water was flowing over the dam. Dozens of ducks returned within days to enjoy the new pond.  We can’t wait to see what natural beauty the pond will bring in the years to come!


The Friends of Moeckel Pond is a non-profit charity formed to reconstruct the dam and restore this environment.  We need your help to reach our fundraising goal.  Please give. The heron and the fox will appreciate your gift.

We invite you to explore our site to learn more about this important initiative.  Consider starting with our informational video or reading of the latest news.  Sincere thanks for your interest!

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You can find Moeckel Pond in Windham, NH., off Exit 3. If you are using GPS navigation such as Google Maps, enter Moeckel Pond or Moeckel Pond Dam.  Take Exit 3, onto NH-111 E.  Then take a right onto NH-111A W, Range Rd. toward Pelham.  Marblehead Rd. will be on your left in about 2.3 miles. You will turn right on Bayleaf in about 1.8 miles.  Bayleaf is a single lane dirt road with ledge on the right and wetland on the left.  Half way down on the right is a pull-over to allow another car to pass.  Parking lot is off the dirt road, 0.3 miles on the right. 
Note: Bayleaf Rd used to be named Moeckel Road.  It may still be named that on some GPS navigation software. The old wooden bridge that connects both is no longer passable by car. Please do not enter Moeckel Pond from Lowell to Range to Moeckel Rds.  There is no public parking on Moeckel Road, on the west side of the old wooden bridge.    
An ADA dock with kayak and canoe launch will be installed June of 2021. 

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