Pop-Up Art Gallery Fundraiser on Nov. 25

Saturday Nov. 25, 2017 from 10:00am – 4:00pm at Searles School and Chapel

Download the PopUp Art Gallery event flier

Art for the Common Good

The historic Searles School and Chapel will be converted to an art gallery on November 25th. The Windham Arts Association is sponsoring a one-day Pop Up Art Gallery to provide artists a place to display and sell their work.  Artists will be selling paintings, photography, sculpture, glass, pottery and fine craft during this event.

Searles School and Chapel

Artist’s exhibit fees are being paid to the Friends of Moeckel Pond toward the restoration of Moeckel Pond for the public’s access and use.


Directions to Searles School and Chapel

3 Chapel Rd, Windham NH 03087

On I-93 (North or Southbound) take Exit 3 in New Hampshire and turn east on Route 111 toward Salem. Searles School and Chapel is on the right side of the road across from Lamson Road.

Searles School and Chapel - Map

Windham Planning Board votes to approve access and parking site plan

The Windham Planning Board voted 7-0 to approve our site plan for Moeckel Pond access and parking adjacent to the proposed reconstruction of the Marston-Finn Conservation Dam. The picture below is taken from the drawing submitted by Joseph Maynard of Benchmark Engineering with the application. Complete details including a full size drawing are available through the Windham Planning Department.  One more big step forward.

access and parking site plan

Warrant Articles Pass!

Warrant Articles 23 and 24 passed by an overwhelming margin yesterday (article 23:  2922 to 437, article 24: 2772 to 618).  Thank you Windham residents for your strong support to restore our treasured wetlands and wildlife haven, and to create a passive water recreation area for the public!  This crucial milestone enables us to pursue the final steps in our State of NH grant application and reach our funding goals to initiate construction of the Marston-Finn Conservation Dam.  Thank you Windham!

2017 warrant articles 12017 warrant articles 2

2017 Warrant Articles

It is important that Windham residents vote YES to the following warrant articles that will be on the ballot this year (NO tax implication for you!):

ARTICLE 23.  To see if the Town will to authorize the Board of Selectmen to accept a perpetual easement deed on Windham tax map 25-C, Lot 250, known now as the Marston-Finn Conservation Dam (formerly known as the Moeckel Pond Dam), and Pelham tax map 5, Lot 9-149, along with Windham tax map 25-C- lot 252 and Pelham tax map 5 Lot 9-149- 1 (limited to those rights retained in the Quitclaim Deed from The Friends of Moeckel Pond to Christopher Vavra and April Vavra, dated November 30, 2012 and recorded in the Rockingham County Registry of Deeds, Book 5383, page 321 and the Hillsborough County Registry of Deeds  Book 8162, Page 924), as well as an access easement over the Town of Pelham’s Bay Leaf Road that will secure recreational access in perpetuity to Moeckel Pond for the public with provisions acceptable to the Board of Selectmen; and to further raise and appropriate the sum of one dollar ($1) for this purpose.

  • Recommended by the Board of Selectmen 5-0
  • Note: The Friends of Moeckel Pond, who have been working to reconstruct Moeckel Pond Dam, desire to apply for a 50% grant from the State’s Land and Water Conservation Fund, however they do not meet the eligibility requirements, and have asked the town to partner with them as a grant applicant. The purpose of this article is to provide the town with the needed “legal” ownership of the Dam required to be an applicant. The actual authorization to apply for the grant is covered by another article within this year’s warrant.

ARTICLE 24. To see if the Town will vote to raise and appropriate, through grants and donations, the sum of $300,000 for the purpose of reconstructing the Marston-Finn Conservation Dam (formerly known as the Moeckel Pond Dam), including the cost of engineering, permitting, construction, and any other ancillary costs associated with this purpose, and further to authorize the acceptance of $150,000 of this appropriation from the State of New Hampshire as part of the Land and Water Conservation Fund, and the acceptance of the balance of $150,000 from a donation by the Friends of Moeckel Pond. Should this article be approved but the Town either not receive the State grant or the donation from the Friends, this article will be considered null and void. This will be a non-lapsing appropriation per RSA 32:7, VI and will not lapse until the project is complete or for a period of four (4) years, whichever is less. This article will have no impact on the Town tax rate.

  • Recommended by the Board of Selectmen 5-0
  • Note: This article would appropriate the funds needed to reconstruct the Moeckel Pond Dam as well as to accept a donation of $150,000, or the 50% grant match, from the Friends of Moeckel Pond. While the Town would be responsible for the project and the grant administration, the Friends would assist in all aspects of both. Should either the grant or the donation not occur, this article would be deemed null and void.