Dam Construction Completed!

In September 2020, construction of the Marston-Finn Conservation Dam was completed.   See the announcement here!


Dam Construction Updates on Facebook

Please see the Friends of Moeckel Pond Facebook page for day-to-day updates on construction accompanied with many photos and videos.

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Dam Reconstruction Permit

In May, 2017, we received our Dam Reconstruction Permit and final approval from the NH Dam Bureau for reconstruction:

Dam Permit letter

Access and Parking Site Plan

The Windham Planning Board voted 7-0 to approve the site plan for Moeckel Pond access and parking adjacent to the proposed reconstruction of the Marston-Finn Conservation Dam. The picture below is taken from the drawing submitted by Joseph Maynard of Benchmark Engineering with the application. Complete details including a full size drawing are available through the Windham Planning Department.

access and parking site plan

NH Department of Environmental Wetlands Impact Approval


Engineering and Hydrogeology Report

Click to access hte-ohwl.pdf

Engineering Drawings



Conceptual Drawing of Spillway